Wednesday, June 11, 2008

House Fire On Earl Street

On June 11, 1860 in the afternoon hours the cry of fire was heard coming from Earl Street. A fire broke out in the weather boarding of the Samuel Harris house. The timely application of a few buckets of water stopped the flames before they could do much damage. The Cumberland Valley Fire Company was on the scene promptly with their hand tub but their services were not needed.


Kenny Jr said...

It's about time you threw us a bone. I thought I was going to have to start begging for my daily history lesson.
Thanks for the fix.

Sparky said...

If back in the day they did it with buckets and saved it. Now we have 5 engines, a truck, a squad, a ambulance, & 4 chiefs and burn them down. Thanks for the History lesson, I was like Kenny going through withdrawals.

JD Byers said...

lol.. I remember this fire.