Monday, June 30, 2008

Charles Myers Ends Run As Vigilant Chief

On June 30, 1987 Charles E. Myers, Chief of the Vigilant Hose Company served his last day as chief of the company. Charlie held the position for 19 ½ years. Charlie joined the Vigilant’s in 1962 and became assistant chief in mid 1965. He became chief on July 1, 1967 and held the position since then with the exception of 1976 when Gerald Holtry served for one year. The Vigilant’s new chief was Danny Byers.

Okay since Dale cheated yesterday and asked one of the few people in the county that probably knew thee answers I have a new question for today. Name just six fire companies that used to exist in Cumberland County that are long gone. I made a quick list while I was typing this and I came up with 14 and the number could climb to 17 with some of the obvious answers I expect and didn't even include on the list.


Anonymous said...

Citizens & Elkwood of New Cumberland

Citizens of Lemoyne

Wormleysburg Fire Co.

Rescue Hook and Ladder Mechanicsburg

Cumberland Fire Co. Carlisle
Friendship Fire Co. Carlisle
Empire Hook and Ladder Carlisle
Good Will fire Co. Carlisle
Alert Fire Co. Carlisle

Union Fire Co. Churchtown

Name Changes???

Boiling Springs to South Middleton Fire Co.

Williams Grove Fire Co. to Monroe Fire Co.

Plainfield Fire Co. to West Pennsboro Fire Co.

Bloserville Fire Co. to Upper Frankford Twp. Fire Co.

Huntsdale Fire Co. to Penn Twp. Fire Co.

Grantham to Upper Allen?????

Some of these Companies may have been "township" named from day 1....I am not sure.

Bradley Myers said...

I wasn't looking for name changes but that is okay, if you are doing those you missed a few though.

When I said the number could climb I was referring to Lemoyne, Wormtown and the Carlisle companies.

For the 14 I wrote down off the top of my head you got:
Rescue Hook & Ladder
Alert, Carlisle
Goodwill, Carlisle

I forgot about Churchtown.

If this is John again, I listened to your interview with Dickenson college and you mentioning the Alert of Carlisle, I have found documented proof of them and numerous mentions and articles.

Anonymous said...

You got me on the rest of them.....Must be a bunch of bucket brigades...

Bradley Myers said...

Most of the companies I have listed are from the 1800's I am not going to give the answer just yet. A couple of the companies are from the 1900's and one shouldn't be that hard. Anyone that has read the site since I started it should know four of the answers not given.

Name changes were mentioned,
The Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose companies used to be named the Vigilant Fire and Cumberland Valley Fire companies. There names were changed after hydrants were installed in Shippensburg and the hand pumpers remained in the stations with the hose reels taking there places on the fire ground.

How about Summerdale, when they first started they were called the Summerdale Chemical Company.

There is probably more that we are missing.