Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Council Accepts Keys To Cumberland Valley Firehouse

This is typed as it appeared in Shippensburg Borough Council’s Minutes.

Special Meeting at C.V. Engine House June 18th, 1859
Members present Ruby, Heck & Kelso On Motion William McClure asked Council to take the keys of Engine House. Said McClure has finished the same according to contract with Council. On Motion Judge Ruby took possession of the keys of the same.

On Motion Council adjourn. J.O.M. Butts Secy.


Sparky said...

What's the picture of?

Kenny said...

Is that the original firehouse? I think it was on the odd side of West King St. but not exactly sure of where.
kenny jr.

Bradley Myers said...

The picture is of the first CV firehouse that goes with the post. It was located on the Northeast corner of the branch. This photo was taken after the move to their second house at the present location in 1877. At the time it was taken it was Paques meat market.

Anonymous said...

I remember that building, maybe from a photo. I believe a paint store was there too, Sherwin-Williams or something like that.


Bradley Myers said...

RB, this is the only photo I have ever found of this place. I think it was torn down before the 1900's and replaced with the brick building that stands there today.

wally said...

If you stop in and talk to Bruce Hockersmith at the Chamber office He'll tell you all about it

Bradley Myers said...

Not being smart Dale, but what could he tell me. I know when it was built, by whom, for how much, who it was sold to, for how much and when. It was torn down long before anyone left in town was born.

If he relayed a story to you about the building, please share it with the group.