Wednesday, November 12, 2008

C. V. Hose Company’s 1934 Chevrolet Studebaker Pumper

Sometime in 1934 the Cumberland Valley Hose Co. No. 2 formed a committee to purchase a new piece of equipment. On June 1, 1934 Lawrence Watson, chairman of the service truck committee reported the prices of different makes of car chassis. At that time a Studebaker body was selected and obtained from Mr. Statler of Marion, Pa.

On October 5, 1934 the service truck committee reported that the new truck was ready for service. At the January 4, 1935 Company meeting committee made its final report stating that the cost of the truck complete was $1,151.64 (it is unknown if this figure is correct as it seems a little low).

On November 12, 1953 a proposal to sell the pumper was adopted by the company members because the rig was no longer in usable condition. A committee of three consisting of Galen Staver, Wayne Commerer and Robert Holtry had the authority to sell the engine at the best price obtainable. At the January 14, 1954 company meeting Galen Staver reported that the committee had sold the pumper for $106.00.

Unfortunately this is all I know about the rig; the information never mentioned whom they purchased the Chevrolet chassis from or whom they sold the rig to. I have never found photographs of the unit either. I made this photograph years ago from vhs footage that was put together from 1944.


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