Friday, November 28, 2008

Centerville Plans Fire Company

The following information appeared in The News Chronicle on this date November 28, 1933. The information was taken from a larger article to consolidate the information. As a result of Penn Township deciding to build an 80,000-gallon reservoir behind the consolidated school building a group of citizens decided to organize a fire department.

Harold Stum and Rine Scott took over the responsibilities of getting the fire company under way. Up to the week before this was written 16 members had already joined the company. Plans were underway to canvas the area to secure 100 members for the company at a 25-cent membership charge and 100 members at a $1.00 membership charge.

Encouragement was given when John A. Smith of Centerville announced he would donate a Studebaker automobile to be converted into a fire truck. It had already been planned to rebuild the body of the truck to carry a portable pump.

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