Friday, November 7, 2008

Cumberland Valley’s 1931 Studebaker Ambulance

On Friday April 1, 1931 the Cumberland Valley Hose Company No. 2 announced that they would be purchasing their first ambulance. It was on January 2, 1931 that the first steps were taken to obtain the first community ambulance. A committee was established consisting of James B. Hockersmith, Chariman, H. L. Sheaffer, Albert Clark, Clarence Naugle and Beattie Watson.

The ambulance was a 1931 Studebaker Samaritan coach type free wheeling straight eight. The exterior was finished in chrome nickel and the main body was Seashore tan trimmed in Pinto tan. The interior consisted of two compartments one for the driver and the other for patients. The patient’s area contained a white enamel chair cot, a medical cabinet fitted against the back of the front seat and was also equipped with a vacuum thermos bottle and two folding attendants chairs. From the belt line down it was trimmed in genuine brown leather, the floor was covered with brown linoleum and the glass compartment was leaded. The ambulance had a 100-horse power motor and was purchased from Charles Weicht, a local dealer for $2,250.00.

On May 1, 1931 company members voted to spend and additional $45.00 for a siren to be installed on the unit.

The ambulance was delivered to Shippensburg on Tuesday May 26, 1931. The unit was officially dedicated to deceased firemen on June 9, 1931 with a ceremony and parade.

On November 6, 1931 company members voted to have doorplates installed on both sides to read C.V. HOSE CO. NO. 2 SHIPPENSBURG.

The ambulance was replaced on June 3, 1938 with a new LaSalle ambulance. The company was given $790.25 from Wolfington for trade in on the new unit. Wolfington sold the 1931 unit to the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company in Mechanicsburg, Pa. on June 7, 1938. This ambulance had the distinction of being the first ambulance for two different Cumberland County companies.


Sparky said...

Like to work in one of those on the way to the hospital.

Dale(Wally) said...

Some of the Medic's couldn't fit,,

Anonymous said...

Try being tall like I am. Nope don't see it happening. Lil' Dale

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if the thermos bottle had a purpose other than coffee?

Shaggy said...

Can anyone state why there is a nurse pictured? Was a nurse the attendant and if so, who was she paid by or was she a volunteer? Anyone know the training requirements back then to work on the ambulance? Even in the 30s, first aid was the standard.