Friday, June 12, 2009

Cumberland Valley Fire Company

The following two articles appeared in The Shippensburg News on June 12, 1886, they are reprinted here exactly as they appeared in the paper.

--The Cumberland Valley Fire Company with commendable enterprise have organized a cornet band from among their members. Mr. Frank Mowers will be the efficient leader.

--H. Frank Beidel, photographer, has a fine view of the Cumberland Valley Fire Company as it appeared on Democratic Day. There is some twenty-five figures in the group, and they are sharply defined.

The band photograph was more than likely taken later in the year, as the received their instruments in October 1886. The other photograph may be the one mentioned in the article but I cannot confirm it. The uniforms the company is wearing were purchased in 1886 and the hydrant was installed the same year, however there is only 21 firemen shown in the group.


Sparky said...

Well here is a dumb question. Or should I say the only dumb question is the one never asked. So here goes. Why did fire companies back in the day have bands? I will ask the history man Brad.

Bradley Myers said...

I do not have an answer for you. I know some had to raise money, some had to provide music for the men when they marched. If there is one correct answer I do not have it. In Shipp with the men marching I would assume both companies had bands just to provide music to march to.

If I had access to CV and Vig minutes the answer may be in them.

JD Byers said...

Because they didn't have softball yet..

And this one time, In band camp...

Anonymous said...

What, no woodwinds? GRT