Monday, June 1, 2009

Five Buildings Destroyed In Upper Strasburg

On June 1, 1930 at 1:30 p.m. a request for help was sent to Shippensburg for a fire in Upper Strasburg, Letterkenny Township. Shippensburg firemen made the run and had water flowing in 22 minutes. Despite the quick response a large stable, two chicken houses a hog pen and the spring house belonging to M.C. Frost were completely destroyed. Also lost in the blaze were 125 chickens and a Ford truck. Firemen were able to obtain water 50 feet away at the old Strasburg spring. Strong winds hampered firefighting efforts as large embers were carried over the eastern part of the village igniting rooftops. Local residents formed a bucket brigade to keep the flying embers in check. A request was also made for the Chambersburg Fire Department and the Good Wills sent a service truck but by the time it arrived the Shippensburg firemen had the flames subdued and their services were not needed. The fire was believed to have started when an oil stove in a chicken house fell over and ignited hay. Damages were estimated at $3,000. One fireman Augustus MaCleaf was injured when a hose got loose while firemen were backing away from a falling wall. The article never stated which Fire Company responded or if both responded, it referred to the Shippensburg Fire Department.

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Anonymous said...

Well I guess you could say it wasn't old lady Leary's cow that tip the lamp over but M.C. Frost's chickens did the job.
Sorry could not pass up the cheap joke.
Former PHFD