Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Luck Chief Murray

I was having trouble finding an incident to report today and did not have the time to keep looking or post something else. Since Chief Murray has strong ties to the Shippensburg Fire Department and this is occurring today I decided to post it.

I am sad to announce that effective today Senior Deputy Fire Chief Tom Murray is retiring. Most of you Shippensburger's know Tommy, he started out as a Jr. member at the Vigilant Hose Company and spent time at WEFR before heading to Harrisburg to be a volunteer at the Mount Pleasant Station 8. Tommy hired on the Bureau of Fire on July 1979. I will not even try to mention all the platoons and companies he worked on, but when I came on the job he worked Wagon 4 "B" shift, moving to the Squad when ridiers were added in 1991, he left that position when he was promoted to Lieutenant. Chief Murray was then promoted to Captain and worked on "A" platoon before being promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. On June 1 of this year he was moved up to Senior Deputy Chief (2). Chief Murray moved back to Shippensburg in the 80's and became active again at the Viggies being Deputy Chief there for a few years. He then spent time at Fayetteville as an officer before moving back to Harrisburg.

The Bureau of Fire looses a great FIREMAN and officer. He is one of those guys I never expected to leave and can't imagine not being around. I for one will miss his presence and leadership as a Chief.

Congratulation Tommy, I hope you enjoy your retirement. Stop in for coffee and if you want to pop you can ride Tower 2 with me.

I seem to be having a problem with this site, my post are uploaded in advance so they appear in the mornings everyday. For some reason a few times over the last few weeks I have checked the site and found no post, like this morning. I then have to go to my dashboard and edit to make it show up. If you check the site and there is no post check back later. I may miss a few days here and there and over the next few weeks there will be days when I can't check the site at all. If a problem occurs I will get to it as soon as possible.


Sparky said...

Congratulations Tom on your retirement and good lucky. Does this mean you are coming back to ride at the 52 house?

Haney said...

Good Luck, Tommy.

Kenny said...

First off, Congrats to Tommy on the retirement.
Secondly, last night I noticed you were missing 2 posts and was going to comment but remembered this happened awhile back. It was there in the morning but gone afternoon. I got them today,Thanks and keep up the fine work.

Bradley Myers said...

I have no explanation for it Kenny, after checking your brothers site I noticed he mentioned the same problem today. It may go unoticed for a few days over the next few weeks, so be patient, I will correct their mistakes as quickly as possible.

Woody said...


I have the same problem over the past few weeks with doing some scheduled posts.

I'll be emailing you here shortly to figure out a good night I can come up and visit for abit and hopefully, catch a job or two..

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tommy on his retirement.

Keep up the good work Brad.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, enjoy retirement!

Brad when you retire are all you old guys going to come back and sit on the bench? It has been vacant for sometime.

Anonymous said...

Brad, that last one was me. You know where I am at.


E4 Lt said...

Chief Murry, sounds kinda strange for someone we all knew as Tommy, still a fireman no matter what position or job he's doing... good luck sir may you live long and prosper so you can learn how to play golf like the rest of the retired guys