Monday, June 15, 2009

Fire Damages Mobile Home

On June 15, 1994 at 11:20 a.m. Franklin County 911 alerted companies to a mobile home fire at Lincoln Campsites Trailer Court, 10972 Redwood Avenue, Fannettsburg. A fire of undetermined origin that began under the home caused heavy damage and required firefighters from seven companies over one hour to extinguish. A damage estimate was not available. The Metal Twp., Fannett-Metal, Pleasant Hall, Hustontown, Shade Gap, St. Thomas Twp. and Cumberland Valley Hose companies answered the alarm.


Bradley Myers said...

Maybe someone out there can help me out, the last few days I have had a number of people show up on here by way of facebook referral. I know nothing about facebook and even signed up last night and searched for the site finding nothing. Does someone out there have me linked to their facebook? If not and you got here that way, please explain it to me. Thanks Brad.

Anonymous said...

Brad, you are not linked on mine.


Anonymous said...

If I remember right the fire was found to be under the toilet area of the mobile home, ended up cutting it away with a chain saw to get to the fire.
No idea about the facebook thing
Former PHFD11