Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fire In The Kittatinny Tunnel

On July 21, 1885 in the morning hours a naphtha lamp exploded in the east end of the Kittatinny tunnel near Roxbury and the flames spread to a number of large barrels of materials stored in the tunnel. Flames were soon shooting 30 feet out the mouth of the tunnel and workers soon fear an explosion may be possible. The timbers supporting the tunnel were soon on fire but because of the height of the tunnel workers were unable to get water up to them. A messenger was soon sent to Shippensburg to request help. Borough Council gave them the Cumberland Valley but it took them until that evening to reach the scene. Once there the blaze was quickly controlled but not before it caused heavy damage. Large cave ins occurred from the timbers burning away. Workers lives were spared because they were out for breakfast when the fire occurred and no one was in the tunnel. The next day there was a working fire in the borough which shed additional light on this blaze. The Cumberland Valley Fire Company did not respond but their hand engine named the "Cumberland Valley" was loaned to the workers to extinguish the blaze. Because of this only one engine was able to respond to the other blaze in Shippensburg.


Brad Myers said...

I normally delete post like this, they show up often but most of you never get to see them.

I believe in God but do not go to church. Really if God was opening up these doors wouldn't he be pushing dumb ass supervisors and bosses through them into the gates of hell where they belong. And if he is what everyone says he is then why do babies and children die? What do they do to deserve that? And why does he let dumb ass bastards continue to live. There is many of people that would take on his mission to remove them from the earth, all he would have to do is ask.

Seriously this is one screwed up country aand time, you all say you are praying, well pray a little louder and harder because he is not listening or he is ignoring you.

Okay off my soap box for now. I am guessing I offending some people, well if I did then don't read it again, there is many people that offend me every day.

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