Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vigilant's Form 4H Fire Prevention Club

On Wednesday July 11, 1979 Shippensburg 4-H members started a fire prevention club at the Vigilant Hose Company. This was the first meeting of the club and the first club of it's type in Cumberland County.

Officers were elected: President Kathy Nehf; vice president Kevin Nehf, secretary Elizabeth Myers, assistant secretary Robin Myers, treasurer Connie Kerns, news reported Elizabeth Myers, song leader Robin Adams, social chairman Wanda Bittinger, county council representatives Elizabeth Myers and Kevin Nehf and alternate Kathy Nehf.

The official name of the club was the Vigilant Hose Fire Prevention and Control 4-H Club, there nickname was "The Screamin Seagraves" Chief Charles Myers was the program coordinator.

Sorry the photograph is not the best but since most of you know most of these people I thought it may be a good laugh. Especially the nipples sticking out on Haney, looks like he may be interested in singing for the village people, just kidding Haney.


Haney said...

Hey, this isn't something you want to start. I have incriminating pictures of this sites' editor, too. And I still look that good in that shirt. Besides the Village People ROCKED!

Seagrave said...

Great picture of you and your wife.
30 + years ago!
Were you both really that young?

Seagrave said...

oops ! sorry Brad just came from Haneys site and I was thinking I was still on his site. That is not Linda and of coarse you and Haney might pass for brothers but this is Mr. and Mrs. Haney.

Brad Myers said...

Thats okay Seagrave, I read you comment on an email to my phone first and had no idea what you were talking about at first. I think Robin married him because of the shirt.

Did you read the comment to your question last Wednesday on the 1950 Seagrave? If you haven't check it out, you just read the post wrong.

Seagrave said...

Thanks Brad , yes I went back and looked at the post and thought gee that was clear enough. I know a young guy like you can`t identify with the mind thing and age. but my wife tells me that I have been suffering from it for a long time.
Retirement will help, 3 years 5 months

Sparky said...

What can I say, what hasn't been said. Nice article.