Monday, July 19, 2010

Side By Side 1948, 1950 Vigilant Seagraves

Sorry for re posting photos but I was in need of a quick and easy post. This post is also untended to give you a view of both the 1948 and 1950 Seagraves owned and operated by the Vigilant Hose Company. When I made the recent post on the 1950 I received many of the same questions I got on a post a couple of years ago.

The top photo is the 1948 purchased used from Hummelstown and operated at Station #2, the second photo is the 1950 purchased new by the Viggies as a rural engine. I will detail both engines in later post with full history and additional photographs. But as you can see from the images the quickest way to tell the two rigs apart is from the front bumper followed by the door lettering. You can see for yourself the many small differences between the two such as the light packages, pump panel and additional lettering and striping. Overall the 48 must have been a better engine as it lasted 28 years in service with multiple companies and the 1950 was worn out in just 12 years.


Sparky said...

Great job. Now that I lool at them side by side you can really noticed the differences. Now just put the quad with these pictures.

Brad Myers said...

The quad differs little from the 1950 engine from the front, from the side and rear there is no mistaking it.

All these engines will be featured in detail eventually.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what year the picture was taken? You can see the new addition to the station in the background. TM

Brad Myers said...

The photo was taken in 1976 during the dedication of the International Bruco and Dodge Power Wagon. When the photo was taken Larry Kerns owned the 1948 and his father Clare owned the Quad setting behind it.