Sunday, October 12, 2008

Defective Wiring Sparks Apartment Building Fire

On October 12, 1932 at 9:00 a.m. firemen were sent to East King Street, exact location unknown for a building fire. A fire caused by a defective wire broke out in the third floor common hall and extended into the ceilings and floor above. A fourth floor tenant was awakened by a crackling sound and jumped out of bed to find fire coming out of the floor. The fire was contained to the voids causing heavy smoke and water damage to the four-story taxpayer. A damage estimate was not available. The Vigilant Hose and Cumberland Valley Hose companies answered the alarm.

Today's photograph is of the Cumberland Valley Hose Company's ambulance fleet, circa 1989.


Sparky said...

Like the picture of the ambulances. Liked that color on the ambulances.

Anonymous said...

The fire department should have built a new station and allowed the ambulance service to have the old station. The ambulances look good in front of the station and the station would have served the ambulance company well. I would say the station is to small for the current use.
Was a great oppurtunity for 52 and 53 to go under one roof. It will never happen now.

Sparky said...