Saturday, May 23, 2009

400 Chickens Burn In Brooder House Fire

On May 23, 1950 around noon firemen were sent to the Paul Reese farm, Shippensburg R.R 3 for a brooder house fire. A small brooder house was destroyed along with nearly 400 two-week old chicks and another brooder house was scorched before firemen could control the blaze. A kerosene stove used to keep the chicks warm started the fire. A damage estimate was not available. The Vigilant Hose Company answered the alarm.

The WEFR fair add appeared in a local news paper on May 23, 1991.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, when did WEFR quit running a fair and start running a circus?


(Oh, come on now...that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are, that's funny!)

Bradley Myers said...

When they signed up the clowns from the east end of town.

Oh hell yes, that is even more funny, and I( don't care who you are, that was more funny.

Got ya! You have not been on a truck long enough to get one over on me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I probably set myself up for that one. I have just one question though- Do you still have your big red nose from back in the day stashed away in some shoebox under the bed?

You're right, I haven't been on the truck long enough...but we're working on it. Passed my Tech Exam so it looks like from here on out it's going to be the life of a tillerman. It don't get any better than that! (He won't admit it, but WMIT secretly dreams about tillering instead of driving his paremajic around in an overgrown ambulance...)


Bradley Myers said...

You did set yourself up for that one and I got you. My big red nose is not hidden under the bed, I still use it from time to time, I will put it away when I retire.

WMIT dreams about many things and working on a truck is at the top of the list.

Bears just won in O.T., to go up 3 games to 1. Lets hope they win on Monday so I don't have to go to Hershey on Wednesday and they can rest up for the Calder Cup finals.

Anonymous said...

Atleast I can say that I have tillered on a call even though it was a medical local. I have always wanted to do that after riding back with Tommy and Kenny from the parade in Gettysburg. I wish that it would have been 70 degree that night instead of 20. Anyways I do dream of doing one more thing as a fireman before I go to fire police school. That is riding the side of the truck (you kow like in the movies). I got to ride the tailboard on a fire off of Naylor Rd back in 05 or 06. I almost fell off after we hit a speed bump going about 30 mph.

I can remember walking with Mom, Dad, and JD from the place on Prince St to the West End fair as a kid. It was crowded there, but it was fun. It was always the warm up for the town fair. Does anybody know what was the last year they had the fair?

So Brad do you wanna know the real reason why the CAPS lost to the Pens?

TJ, went to the game!


Sparky said...

Yes the WEFR fair was always fun. Wish they would still have it.