Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mobile Home Burns On Lurgan Road

On May 20, 1991 at 9:25 a.m. Franklin County 911 sent firefighters to 12707 Lurgan Road, Lurgan Township for a mobile home fire. Firefighters from four companies had the blaze under control in 10 minutes. The fire was confined to a back bedroom but the remainder of the home suffered heat and smoke damage. Firefighters rescued a cat from the fire and administered CPR to revive it. A damage estimate and cause were not available. Units from Newburg-Hopewell, Letterkenny and the Vigilant Hose Company assisted the Pleasant Hall Fire Company.


Kenny said...

What happened to yesterdays post? Is this a history slow down, a test to see who noticed or what? I wasn't the only one to notice but it looks like I'm first to ask.

Anonymous said...

This was the home of PHFD member George Jones, the firefighter who did cpr on the cat was Joe Fidosop (spellling). Can't remember the cause.

Former PHFD

Anonymous said...

Sgt, I think Brad is protesting Mayor Reeds loss in the primaries. Brad, what's up with the double take the other night? Didn't expect to see me where you did. Next time call when you are coming to visit. I have a pic of a Ram for you.


Bradley Myers said...

How about I start at the top and work down.

Kenny, no test, maybe a slow down. Did you notice there was no post on Saturday also? Free time is hard to come by these days, with the viewing audience down and lack of participation sometimes I get the ass of it. It has dropped on my list of priorities and will take a back seat to other things.

Former PHFD you are right about it being Georges house, and the name of the ff was in the article and it was something different like what you typed. I never knew the guy.

WMIT, I will not comment on here about politics or the people that sign my check. All I will say is with only 3 years, 8 months and 29 days until retirement I can work for or around anyone.

I was in town on business and did not have time to visit. I will not be back in town again until Childs Dream weekend.

CAlleman said...

Joe Fiddlesop was a short time member as he moved to the franklin county area. His father was a former chief from Hyatsville FD.

Anyone know who the individual is in the photo?