Thursday, May 21, 2009

Southampton Twp. Home Burns

On May 21, 1979 at 11:26 p.m. Cumberland County headquarters alerted units to a house fire at the William Duncan residence, Shippensburg R.D. 6 along LR21006. When firefighters arrived they found fire showing from two sides of the 2-½-story frame house. According to Chief Myers the blaze was caused by a wood burning stove and traveled through the walls before being noticed. Three rooms in the house were damaged by fire and the remainder of the home-sustained heat, smoke and water damage. A damage estimate was not available. The Vigilant Hose, West End Fire and Rescue, South Newton Twp. and an Air Wagon and Ambulance from the Cumberland Valley Hose Company answered the alarm and remained on the scene over two hours.


Bradley Myers said...

Like I said in the past I have forgoten many of the fires I went to, but some stand out. This one I remember, it was after meeting night at the Viggies. At the time I had given up wearing the old red duct coat and was waiting on a new nomex coat I ordered from allsafe, so Larry Kerns loaned me a black one of his.

Larry (then Chief 2 or 352), had me stretch a line to a first floor roof to attack the fire through a second floor window. I do not remember who was with us at the time. Anyways I was wearing no scba (somethings nevere changed), Larry was like Danny B. keep pushing and get it. I warned him I was going to puke but he would not let me out for frech air. He then had to nerve to give me shit for puking down the inside of his coat.

It is hard to believe this was 30 years ago, where does the time go. Those guys, Larry K., Danny B., Jeff W. Kenny N. are all old and frail now and I am nearing retirement, LOL.

E4 Lt said...

Brad... is this the same Bill Duncan that was a member at west end at the time?

Dale Jr. (Oldman) said...

E4 Lt. No that was not the Bill Duncan from Co.15/54
This fire was on Gilbert Road

Kenny said...

You didn't fall from that roof, did you?

Anonymous said...

Who's old and frail? Not me, at least I don't think so.


Bradley Myers said...

Just testing you Danny, I wanted to see if you could read my comment and be able to remember it long enough to type a reply, LOL.

Really I was just playing with you guys, I still think we (older group) could get on a rig and still kick the kids ass at anything in the fire service. We learned with common sense, and scratching our balls and grunting, today they learn to put their vest on and stay outside if no rescue is needed because it is safer there.

And no Kenny if I remember correctly I did not fall from any roof at this job. But then I did not fall from the roof in Newville either, I got knocked off.

Sparky said...

Surprised to see Danny on here. But looking at his entry time it was will passed his bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Brad, bring your generation back for a day. I will be there with my safety vest on and clip board taking notes. ;)