Friday, May 29, 2009

WEFR’s 1948 International Tanker

In 1957, the exact date unknown, the West End Fire and Rescue Company purchased a used oil truck from a Chambersburg gas company. The unit was a 1948 International KB and capable of carrying 1,500 gallons. Company members remember taking the tanker to H & H Garage and installing a 250 gallon per minute pump on it from an old Cumberland Valley Hose Company rig. The unit was painted red and lettered for the company becoming their first tank truck. In September 1958 WEFR sold the unit to the Union’s of Carlisle for $1,700. Carlisle operated the rig until 1962 when it was sold to the Mont Alto Fire Company. When Jackson was still alive repeated attempts to gather information on the rig from Mont Alto went unanswered. Maybe someday I will be able to find someone there that can tell me what they paid for it and when they disposed of it.

The three photographs posted here are the only ones I have ever seen of the rig. In order as they appear is the tanker with WEFR, Unions and Mont Alto.

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