Monday, November 9, 2009

Candy Store Burns On Railroad Street

On November 9, 1886 at 1:30 a.m. an alarm of fire was reported for South Railroad Street and Stumbaugh’s Alley at A. L. Ebersole’s candy factory and store. A blaze believed to be accidental destroyed a one-story frame 30 X 20 foot building. Firemen were on the scene quickly and the Cumberland Valley took the plug just opposite the burning building and the Vigilant’s attached to a plug at the intersection of Main and Railroad Streets. The building was already heavily involved by the time water was flowing so most of the attention was directed to the Shippensburg News building across the alley that had already caught fire numerous times. Once that building was safe both streams were directed towards the burning candy store. Damages were estimated at $1,900. The Vigilant Fire and Cumberland Valley Hose companies answered the alarm.

It was noted that this was the first opportunity to test the efficiency of the newly installed water works in town. All agreed that the test proved satisfactory. The fire was out within one half hour after the fire companies arrived. The article went on to say that the streams thrown were large, and shot from the nozzles with great force, showing a powerful pressure, and sufficient for the highest building in town. Upon seeing the flames turn to steam the spectators felt inclined to break out in applause.

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