Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cumberland Valley Fire Company Changes Name

The only major incidents to occur on this day were in 1978 and 1926; those were posted the last two years. The following article is reprinted in its entirety from the Friday November 12, 1886 edition of The Shippensburg News (event would have taken place on November 8). With this being the 150TH anniversary year of the Cumberland Valley Hose Company it seemed a fitting entry for today.

The Cumberland Valley Fire Company, at its last meeting, adopted a revised Constitution and By-Laws, and among other changes was that of the title of the company, which will be known hereafter as the “Cumberland Valley Hose Company.” The company, on Monday evening, at seven o’clock, assembled for the purpose of having a run and testing the fire plugs. The first run was to the plug at the terminal of Main Street on the south, a distance of four squares or more. They made several other tests of speed and made attachments in very good time. The Cumberland boys, with this little experience, never imagined that in a few hours they would be called upon to put in practice the knowledge they were then acquiring. The candy store was burned early Tuesday morning.

The candy store fire will be posted on Monday November 9.

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