Monday, November 2, 2009

Chambersburg Tidbits

The previous two years I posted incidents that occurred in 1973 and 1935, with no more to report on this date the following article appeared in The Shippensburg News on Saturday November 3, 1877.

Chambersburg Tidbits

--A new hose company in Chambersburg has adopted the name “Cumberland Valley,” and the hook and ladder truck is named “Vigilant.” We next expect to hear of some of these firemen pilfering the names of our young ladies.

--Chambersburg has five hose, one hook and ladder, and one steam engine company-seven in all.


Sparky said...

I like the pictures and patches to the right Brad. I have just noticed the pictures of the Ship fire stations. Really like that. I don't know how long they have been there, but good work.

Anonymous said...

'Uncle Jim' & the LaFrance in the photo on the right. Looks like the 35' three-section off of it in the backround. That thing was a PIA & was backed through the station wall a time or two but they said we might need it someday. Guess this was the fire.


Brad Myers said...

The six fire station photos were added the same day I changed the header and added the other three photo along the side. I also added one at the very bottom the same day.

The patches have been there for some time.

Yep RB same photo, blogger just does not give the option of making them larger when using them the way I am here.