Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Fire Apparatus

The previous two years I posted incidents that occurred in 1972 and 2006, with no more to report on this date the following article appeared in The Shippensburg News on Saturday November 21, 1874.

Our Fire Apparatus

OUR FIRE APPARATUS-The authorities this week had the fire apparatus entirely overhauled, and placed in complete repair. The fire engines have been thoroughly cleaned, and the pumps and suctions placed in the best possible working condition, by J. P. Matthews, a proficient in hydraulic mechanism. Both engines, since repaired, have been tried, and throw water in the most admirable and satisfactory manner. The hose belonging to both engines have been cleaned and well oiled, and are accordingly in the best possible condition. Should a fire occur, no blame can now be attached to the authorities for not having the apparatus in proper order for its extinguishment.


Sparky said...

Cool article. I have never heard of oily the hose. Great history lesson.

Brad Myers said...

Hose at that time was leather and rivited together. It had to be oiled to keep it from getting hard and cracking.