Saturday, November 7, 2009

Firemen Get $138,000

Only one major incident (1963) occurred on this date and that was posted the first two years ago. The following article is reprinted entirely as it appeared in The Shippensburg Chronicle on Thursday November 7, 1912.

Firemen Get $138,000

The distribution of $138,000 by the State Treasury to cities and boroughs for the relief of firemen injured or made sick while on duty has recently been made. This money comes from insurance taxes and over 500 warrants were issued.

Cumberland County—Camp Hill, $8.89; Carlisle, $254.03; Lemoyne, $13.59; Mechanicsburg, $99.93; Mount Holly, $5.07; New Cumberland, $36.05; Newville, $9.56; Shippensburg, $50.75; Shiremanstown, $2.43; Wormleysburg, $3.81.

Harrisburg received $1,710.81, the largest in this section.

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