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Select Frohn Assistant Fire Chief In Boro

The only major incidents to occur on this day were in 1980 and 2006, with those posted the previous two years this article was ran in the Tuesday November 22, 1949 edition of The News Chronicle and is for the Vigilant’s meeting that occurred on this date November 18, 1949.

Select Frohn Assistant Fire Chief In Boro

Vigilant’s Select Slate Of Nominees for Fire Company Posts

Elect in December

John Frohm was the unanimous choice of the Vigilant Hose Company Friday night to serve as assistant borough chief for the next two years.

The Vigilant members selected Frohm and a list of nominees for company office at a meeting held Friday evening in the municipal building. The company will hold its election at the Dec. 2 meeting.

List Nominees
The candidates for office nominated Friday evening are as follows:

President-M. Garfield Barbour, J. William Barbour; vice president, Arthur Commerer, Glenn Bitner; secretary, Charles Mour, Charles Cover; assistant secretary, Charles Helm, Galen Rhone; treasurer, Elmer Flemming; financial secretary, Charles Mastalski; chaplain, the Rev. Paul Horn.

Rural fire chief, M. Garfield Barbour, Glenn Bitner; assistant rural fire chief, Charles Mour; assistant borough fire chief, John Frohm; chief engineer, Walter Dubbs, Glenn Bitner.

Trustee, Sam Garrett, Charles Helm; delegates to the Cumberland County Firemen’s association, Harold Holtry, Harold Funston; alternates, Tom Murray, Charles Cover; delegate to state association, Charles Helm; alternate, Charles Mastalski; chief director, Galen Rhone, Sam Garrett; assistant chief director, Charles Helm, Tom Murray; representatives to the Shippensburg Relief association, M. Garfield Barbour, Lester Angle.

Alternate Selections
Mr. Frohm has served as borough fire chief for the last two years under the borough plan whereby the Vigilant’s and the CV Hose Company alternate every two years in selecting the borough chief. The CV has named Ted Hockersmith as the new borough fire chief for the next two years.

The members voted to purchase a $5 Christmas TB bond, and okayed buying 12 firemen’s coats from D. Edwin Hamilton store.

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Seagrave said...

Awesome history , these are the posts that I love to read and see names that when I was just a young kid when I would go to the station with my brothers(mid/late 1960`s)
the guys who were active and some who became less active becuase of age but were still around the firehouse. I often wondered what roles they played when they were active. Keep up the great posts Brad.