Friday, October 22, 2010

Baltimore Road Fire Photos

These photographs were sent to me by David Myers (Co.52), thanks Dave. These make for a great space filler when I am out of runs and do not have time to type new things in. If anyone else has any photos they would like to share like this feel free to send them to me and I will be more than happy to use them. This fire occurred in the Bowers house on the Baltimore Road April 23, 1982, I posted the incident on April 23, 2008, click this link to take you to the post. I do not remember the amount of LDH laid on this call but I think it was around 3,300 feet. If my memory is correct I think this is the only time the Vigilant's used all three of their engines in a relay, I think E152 was on the plug at Queen and Walnut Sts., E352 was at the bridge and E252 was at the scene. I do remember the call because I worked the midnight to 8 shift at Sheetz at the time and was working, I had to listen on my pager and watch all the apparatus go by. This bridge was also mentioned in a recent post on October 5, 2010 and referred to a fire that occurred on October 5, 1979 that call can be found by clicking this link.


E4Lt said...

sorry brad, the link i was refering to was in response to mayor thompson's request for smoke detectors and batteries, I haven't talked to my russian friend lately but I do believe socialism failed in russia

Sparky said...

I have other pictures of these fire. I will try to find them. Winter is right around the corner and that will give me time to search my photos and slides.

Brad Myers said...

Andy I would ;love to unload and say more but you know as well as I do that it would just get me fired. The day I retire I will be typing away on here and unloading everything that has been chapping my ass for years.

Thanks Dave that would be great, I bet you didn't think you would see them so soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Baltimore Road when it looked like this. Just open fields. Bobby Bowers walked down South Queen St. every day.

Brad, When you travel to Elk County Stop by I have some "Y' Premium waiting for ya.

Pat Shoop

Brad Myers said...

Pat, I can always drink "Y" in fact I am having right now before the hockey game. I do not know if I will be up again before February, but then you never know there may be a December weekend in the works.