Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Multiple Buildings Burn In Leesburg

On October 13, 1931 in the morning hours firemen were sent to Lees Cross Roads for a building fire. A chicken house and hog pen was destroyed in a fire believed to have been incendiary in origin. Local fireman Beattie Watson noticed the blaze while driving through the village and awakened residents before contacting the C.V.'s, they arrived within 20 minutes. Damages were estimated at several hundred dollars. The Cumberland Valley Hose Company battled the blaze.


Sparky said...

Really like heard the stories of back in the day. How only one company was dispatched.

Haney said...

I see this was 1931. Didn't the Vigilants start rural service in 1931? Or is a matter of who took the phone call is who responds?

Brad Myers said...

Rural service started in 1932. Beattie Watson was an active member with CV's so he more than likely contacted the CV's directly for this instance.