Friday, October 29, 2010

More Photos From Dave

Today I have a couple more photos sent to me recently by Dave Myers. I only know what I can see about the photos so I will be guessing here. The first one is Danny Byers operating Engine 152, I do not know where it was taken or if it was a real fire or training but he has one cross lay flowing and two three inch lines coming off discharges. The second photo is John "Chet" Sommerville, setting in front of the Vigilant's. I can only assume that the Dalmatian belonged to Larry Kerns. Like I said a week or so ago if you like these and want to see more send me what you have and I will be glad to post them. They make life easier on me also when I am looking for something to post. Thanks again Dave.


Sparky said...

Hey this are some great photos. What a blast from the pass.

wefr15 said...


Keep the time machine running! They are great.

Cincy Bill

Brad Myers said...

Send some olf stuff Bill it will be easier to keep the time machine coming. This site can only be as good as the viewers. Everyone out there help me to make it better, contribute photos or even articles.

And by the way Thanks, Brad.

Dale Jr (Wally) said...

Well folks if my mine serve me right. That was on of the drill at the old railroad buildings on West Orange Street. Yes I'm having fun going through the old picture's,,