Monday, October 4, 2010

Junior Hose & Truck Apparatus Continued

In my last installment on the Juniors apparatus I left you with the Ward LaFrance and Peter Pirsch ladder truck purchases. The first photograph is the 1965 Peter Pirsch engine that replaced the Ward LaFrance service truck. The second photograph is that rig along with the 1940 Peter Pirsch ladder truck in front of the company's quarters after it received its new 1967 Peter Pirsch cab. The last photograph is the 1975 Pierce-LTI truck that replaced the Pirsch tiller truck. If you came into the middle of the Juniors post go back over the past two weeks to read additional details on these rigs.


Anonymous said...

Brad, was the pirsch the last tiller in franklin county? Cressler

Brad Myers said...

Off the top of my head this was Franklin County's only tiller truck, in service with two companies.

Thinking of Cumberland I may have forgotten some but I think they only had one also (an old Hbg. City truck). It ran out of Camp Hill and then Lower Allen. Back in the day city service trucks were big in Cumb.