Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Last Of The Juniors Posts...

This is my last post on the Juniors, I don't think anyone got bored with it. If they did they did not speak up only the ones that liked it did. These photographs were taken in the early 1900's at a parade just off the square in Chambersburg. What a time it must have been seeing many firemen marching in line and drilling during the parade along with fire apparatus that had a flavor to them unlike today's big box style rigs. Wouldn't it be great to go back in time just for a day or two to experience this?

I started yesterday to make a new post to vent on happenings in the city in the wake of the fatal fire we worked Monday night that took the lives of four children and an adult but deleted the post before hitting publish. I still may in the near future but because of my anger towards the comments from the city spokesman about us the same day and the chief and mayor wanting to lay some of us off and close stations I didn't think I could type anything that would allow me to keep my job. So for now I won't be a nasty individual like the mayor said I was and take the high road (someone in the city needs to). I feel a little better just posting this.


Sparky said...

First I like the old ladder in the picture. Yes it would be neat to take a ride in this just down main street. As for the second part I have been watching the news on the fire. And I understand I'm only hearing part of the story with the Fire and fire dept. I two start say shit after the news about the mayor and Harrisburg. the girl friend has to common me down. If you need to vent and/or talk just stop by or give me a call.

E4 Lt said...

sorry, I don't see the link to pay for smoke detectors and/or batteries...

wefr15 said...


Great Pictures and keep the old stuff coming.

As for the second part please don't feel like you guys in Harrisburg are going thru this yourselves. Cincinnati Fire had been told to slash $11 Million from their budget for next year. That could result in 149 firefighters cut/laid off with 10 companies closed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Harrisburg Firefighters who had to deal with the horrific scene on Monday night.

If you need to vent feel free to give me a call on my cell phone.

Cincy Bill

Brad Myers said...

Thanks guys, politicians and their political appointees just plain suck ass, it is never a matter of right or wrong but keeping the votes and the jobs at all costs.

E4 Lt I do not know what link you are talking about.

Vaughn said...

I am sorry regarding part two of your post. As the son of a fireman I can understand your frustration and anger.

I wanted to point out that the Shippensburg visiting firemen marched in the Firemen's Labor Day parade in Washington DC in 1933. In the Washington Post there is a terribly grainy picture where it says " their odd uniforms won applause". From what little I can see it seems they are dressed as Minutemen? By the way, my father, Warren Dues, was the guest of honor, having been voted the Nation's Greatest Living Fire Hero that year.

Vaughn Dues
Aurora, Ontario